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     The majority of Internet technology (IT) companies in Toronto are establishments that offer services related to the telecommunications and computer industries, which include service providers, software developers and tech-support services to help us understand it all.  The experts at EyesEverywhere are experienced professionals who can answer your questions and assist you with any issues related to those fields, computers, the Internet and the latest advancements in the Toronto IT consulting industry.      

     Toronto’s metropolitan area is home to over 14,000 tech-related businesses that employ more than 150,000 people, making it the Canadian hub of technological research and development.  This business sector has proven to be a reliable source for continued growth of the city, as well as upstart tech companies and employment opportunities for tech savvy individuals. 

    The backbone of Toronto’s booming technology sector is its telecommunications infrastructure, which is connected by a sophisticated high-speed network that makes the city an ideal place for housing the massive computers necessary to run large corporate networks and Internet websites that are fundamental to 21st century business.

    Google Canada’s office is housed in a 400,000 square foot facility in the heart of downtown Toronto.  With the popularity of social media and the fact that three of the largest networking websites (LinkedIn, Facebook Canada and Twitter Canada) maintain offices of their Canadian headquarters in the City of Toronto, the technology sector will continue to be a vital segment of the economy.

     The ongoing growth of the industry and availability of IT experts like those at EyesEverywhere will continue to attract more entrepreneurs to Toronto who will open new businesses that will provide employment opportunities that give us yet another reason to love the City of Toronto.


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