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Internet Technology (IT)

Computers and the Internet have completely changed the way we live, work and play by enabling us to interconnect globally with other computer networks to send emails and easily access a plethora of information on any topic under the sun.

The Internet is available around the world and enables users to access information related to education and technology, as well as entertainment, social networking and a variety of online services.

This worldwide system of computer networks employs standard protocol for communication using a digital “language” called Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).  Any computer connected to the Internet is provided a copy of the same TCP/IP programs that other computers use, which enables all of us to send messages and access information all over the world.

Each computer that is connected to the Internet has its own unique Internet Protocol (IT) address, which is comprised of sets of numbers that identify its specific location (for example,, as well as a Domain Name Server (DNS) that enables users to locate a computer by name.  The DNS uniquely identifies the computer on which the Canadian Internet website is hosted.

Internet technology enables us to send emails to anyone in the world, view television and play games online, as well as locate songs, videos, social networking applications and websites devoted to internet banking, bill paying, sharing data and online shopping for anything you might need.

The advantage of computers and Internet technology cannot be understated as it pertains to sourcing information and hosting electronic commerce that allows business to be conducted anytime anywhere using global computer systems and networks.

With advantages of Internet Technology also come disadvantages that include spamming, viral attacks, cyber crime and threats to personal information (like names, addresses and credit card account numbers) that can bring business to a halt and turn one’s life upside down when that private information is stolen and used for another person’s benefit.

Continued advances in IT, computers and computer software have necessitated an industry of nerds and geeks who understand all of the nuances of this massive global network who are available to help us keep our computers operating and the Internet running smoothly so that we can easily and efficiently live our lives, whether at work or play. 

IT professionals at EyesEverywhere in Toronto are knowledgeable about every aspect of computers, the latest software, the Internet and Internet commerce.  An experienced staff of nerds and geeks are happy to share their technological expertise to keep your business operating efficiently so that you can concentrate on your own area of expertise.


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